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What Shoppers Should Know About Shoulder Holster Benefits, Uses, and Types

August 25, 2012

With U.S. Department of Justice studies reporting thousands of injuries and deaths each year due to violent crime, more and more people are worried about their personal safety, and considering buying a handgun, leather shoulder holster, and other items to protect themselves. If buying a handgun holster is something you are also thinking of buying, there is a large selection of styles, features, and options for you to choose from.

The vertical, horizontal, and chest holster are the three most easy to find kind of shoulder holster in stores. When used as designed, each of these are comfortable and efficient.

Most people are familiar with the concept of a vertical shoulder holster, since this is the style most often seen in movies and detective shows. There are right and left handed versions, each holding the gun along the torso of the user, on their non-dominant side (so they can reach it with their dominant hand), with the barrel pointed toward the ground and the butt facing out. This kind of holster is made to hold a large handgun.

A horizontal shoulder holster positions the handgun parallel to the under arm of the user, with the barrel facing behind the user, and the butt facing in front. Many models also have an optional pouch to store an extra clip, if needed. This model is more comfortable than a vertical holster, and is the one of the easiest options to conceal on the market.

The chest holster model has one belt-strap that goes across the user’s torso, and one strap than goes from the back, over the shoulder, and connects with the belt again in the front. The gun holster sits in the front where the two connect, with the barrel pointing away from the wearer, and the handle facing down toward the user’s dominant hand.

Since the harness straps of a shoulder holster disperse the weight of the gun across the wearer’s body rather than on one hip, it is more comfortable than a belt holster, or other styled holster. This style is easier to access than other models for users who wear longer outer clothing like lab coats, and jackets. It is also a more comfortable model for women, since it is easier to conceal than others, and doesn’t get in the way as much.

The iwb holster (which attaches to the inside of a waistband), and the owb holster (which attaches to the inside of a waistband), are other holster designs that are also generally available in stores. If a shoulder holster is not quite what you have in mind, investigate these as well. There are a lot of interesting topics on the internet that talks about shoulder holster and they also have explanations on this website.


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